Third time lucky

I’ve felted and I’ve frogged – both activities have helped me to keep crafting in the heatwave.

My third heat-busting “f” is “fibre”. While I was finding wool too hot to handle, cotton seemed to be a potential solution. A change of fibre was needed!

A few weeks ago, I had started a crocheted shawl, which wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. The Lana Grossa “Shades of Cotton” made it a logical project for the summer. I picked it up again. And immediately put it down again. I should know by now that if I set a project aside, it means there’s something about it I don’t like. Even if I don’t recognise what that “something” is!

Crochet scarf in Lana Grossa Shades of Cotton

In this case, I decided I should have used a larger hook to create a looser texture. I undid it and chose a different pattern from the booklet that accompanied the yarn. An hour later, I decided I didn’t like that one either, so searched on Ravelry and found a knitting pattern that matched the yardage requirements.

When the heat allowed, the project grew. And grew. And grew.

It is enormous!

Measuring roughly 2 metres from tip to tip, and in a striking colourway, it certainly makes a statement. The simple shape seems to suit the airy yarn, and the squishy texture is soft and very flexible, making it easy to wear.

Third time lucky 😃

Happy heatwave crafting!




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