Over the years, I have held this traditionally hand-crafted box many, many times, and always admire the pretty, hand-painted flower design. It was a gift from a Swiss friend who is no longer with us, so it has extra-special significance, as well as being a beautiful object.

So it was a surprise this week when it generated a flash-back memory of an old jumper I had made as a young student. I used to love that jumper!

I knew the pattern was from a German knitting magazine and I had made several of the designs from that particular issue. It held good memories, so there was a good chance it had survived a series of clear-outs … Sure enough, it didn’t take too long to find it – Ingrid, April 1983.

It must have been the flower shapes and the horizontal leaf and scroll patterns on the box that triggered the jumper memory … What do you think?

Perhaps I can adapt the design and create something new? *cogs begin to whirr*

Has anything reminded you of a favourite knit recently? I’d love to hear about it!





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  1. catterel says:

    That’s a beautiful item of Bauernmalerei, very sweet (and useful). I’m sure you will invent something equally lovely.

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