A nose for wool

There’s a “nose” in relation to wine, so why not for wool? I’ve thought about this several times this week, as I’ve found myself burying my nose in my knitting and breathing in the distinctive wool fumes emanating from my works-in-progress …

This is the first time I have knitted with Snaelden, a heritage yarn from the Faroe Islands, and I’m very impressed with it so far. I particularly love the woolly smell 😍 [Hmm, I wonder when we will be able to capture smells on our smartphones and iPads?]

I also made my first attempt at felting a block of soap this week …

In theory, the felt acts as a gentle exfoliator on the skin and also keeps the soap in shape longer, but I haven’t tested it out yet. The sheepy smell is quite strong when the felt is wet – I’m not sure that’s such a good thing when you’re trying to get yourself clean!

Have you made or used a bar of felted soap? What did you think of it? Do you like the idea?

It looks pretty anyway!





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2 Responses to A nose for wool

  1. Maxine says:

    I made a piece of felt last week – wet felting – I enjoyed it and now have a nice piece of green (with a bit of white and grey running through) to make something with.

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