Mitten mash-up

For some reason, the cast-on edge of my Selbu Mittens wouldn’t lie flat, and as I was working the rest of the mitten, it began to irritate me. I tried dampening it and leaving it to dry, but it still wanted to curl.

I know life’s short and all that, but I also know that rolling edge would spoil the mitten for me. When I finished the top of the mitten, I tried it on for size and cut the cuff off at a suitable point.

I re-knit a simple rib, adding a single stripe of navy and a purl row to act as a turning edge, followed by a few rows of stocking stitch to finish, which I am going to tuck inside and catch down, to form a warm, neat cuff. It will be quite a bit shorter than the original pattern, and that’s fine for me!

I have now started the second mitten, using a provisional cast-on at the point in the pattern where I cut the first cuff, so that I will able to replicate the improvised replacement cuff.

It seems I just keep tinkering with patterns these days 😉 A tweak here, major surgery there. Isn’t it great that knitting allows you to do that? 😀

What’s the biggest alteration you’ve made to a pattern or project? I’d love to hear how it went!



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3 Responses to Mitten mash-up

  1. swissrose says:

    I just know that Skeindeer would totally approve 😉 (IG moment?!)

    Personally, if I even got past the start of Julebukk I’d be happy. Shelved for the moment!!
    But two shawls finished this week, yay. Blocking them today…

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