Winter Sun

The temperatures hit freezing again overnight, leaving a sprinkling of crunchy frost to greet us this morning. The sky was clear and blue, calling to me to escape for half an hour, so I put on my knitwear and headed to a nature reserve that I discovered recently, hidden away between a motorway and a housing estate!

I spotted a few creative patterns along the way. How about this path reinforcement?

Or this frozen puddle?

It was only a short walk, but it was lovely to be outside in the winter sunshine. I’ll be back soon!

That’s one new year’s resolution sorted! A good excuse for more knitted accessories? 😉

Have you spotted any inspiring patterns this week? I’d love to hear about them!

Happy new year!



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1 Response to Winter Sun

  1. catterel says:

    Little haven of unexpected bliss! What a beautiful pattern on the path – I’m sure that will inspire something lovely and intricate.

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