Crocheted Antique

This week’s knitting inspiration took the form of a crocheted bedspread at Wightwick Manor …

Apparently, this handcrafted masterpiece dates to the 1870s and was donated to Wightwick in the 1950s by the family of a lady called Mrs Casey.

So much work! It certainly deserves its place in this Arts and Crafts style house, where it can be admired and appreciated.

Have you seen a masterpiece this week? I’d love to hear about it!





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4 Responses to Crocheted Antique

  1. catterel says:

    That is such a labour of love! All those little bobbles – miles and miles of fine yarn on a small hook, and where do you start? In the middle of a square, presumably -and then crochet another identical 29 squares (I believe it’s 5 across and 6 down), and finally link them all together. Clever Mrs Casey. On a less sublime level, I did see a cute Minnie Mouse beanie on a friend’s little girl, and am hoping to make one for my littlest girl’s first birthday. Will post when completed!

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  2. swissrose says:

    I just saw some antique furniture going for a song – beautiful embroidered tapestry seat upholstery, so sad that nobody wants these things. As my in-laws have some chairs and stools in this style and I’ve seen the work that goes into them (several women in the family did this sort of work), I can appreciate that (plus they are often rose designs – love roses!). I think a lot of people have forgotten that it used to be common to make most things in the house yourself and don’t actually realise that they are handmade and therefore treat them thoughtlessly. We are lucky to understand better the effort, patience and stamina that went into something like this lovely bedspread!


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