We have Cast-Off!

Today I’m happy to be sharing a Finished Object with you ๐Ÿ˜€

Remember the camel 4-ply from my deep stash?

It had been passed over and ignored so many times, yet had survived periodic clear-outs, so perhaps it was just waiting for the right moment to shine?

Thanks to Ravelry, Iย decided on Baileys Irish Cream by Thea Colman, aka BabyCocktailsย andย cast on straightaway.

Fast forward a few weeks … With just 12 grams spare, it is now complete!

I’m relieved and pleased in equal measure – so while the joy of a successful cast-off is still fresh in my mind, I’m off to see what else I can find in my stash!

Have you experienced the joy of casting off a project this week? I’d love to hear about it!


About yarnsmithery

Sharing my love of yarny craft and encouraging others to give it a go!
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2 Responses to We have Cast-Off!

  1. catterel says:

    Gorgeous – looks good enough to eat!


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