Grateful to be considered Knitworthy

As a Knitter, I love to see what other crafters are making and I admire the effort and skill that goes into every creation, whether it is yarn-based or not. Pottery, painting, glasswork, metalwork, card-making – I love to see it all!

Being a Knitter also gives me an insight into the time and dedication that goes into the final product and I am sure it helps me to appreciate and care for the variety of hand-crafted items that have found a home with me. Every item has a personal story – so much thought and care has been incorporated into it, so much life has gone on around it.

So when a friend gives me something she has made, I always feel a special gratitude – not solely for the lovely item itself, but also for being considered Knitworthy. After all, not everyone is! 😉

How about these stylish, supersoft Baby Alpaca wrist warmers, handcrafted by my fabulous, talented friend SwissRose? I love them and am honoured to know they were knitted especially for me! Thank you SwissRose! 😀

Are you knitting for a Knitworthy person right now? I’d love to hear all about it!





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5 Responses to Grateful to be considered Knitworthy

  1. swissrose says:

    😳 It works the other way round too – I am delighted to knit (or otherwise craft) for those who appreciate it!! You are definitely knitworthy 😃

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      Thank you – you are too 😀 And that’s a very good point you make about knitting/crafting for other crafters – there’s a sense that they’ll “get it” and share/understand the creative adventure, as well as the practical result. Incidentally, if there’s a term ‘Knitworthy’, is there also “Craftworthy”??


  2. catterel says:

    I think you are both amazing, and utterly gifted – as well as being extremely nice people. Hugs xxx

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