Velcro update

A while ago, I was bemoaning the incompatibility of wool and Velcro. Although I love the ingenuity and efficiency of Velcro, I love my knitted accessories more!

Having looked for alternative solutions, it seemed there was nothing for it but to take the Velcro off my rain jacket if I wanted to save my knitted accessories from being snagged to pieces.

Out came the scissors …


The first piece came off relatively easily, but the second was less straightforward, as the coat’s top stitching had gone over the Velcro, so I had to risk cutting into the top stitching too. Gulp.


Tah-dah! Although you can still see where the Velcro had been, and I wouldn’t like to risk it on a more expensive garment, I’m pleased with the result – no more Velcro and no more snags!

Have you modified any clothing to accommodate your yarny accessories? I’d love to hear about it!




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