WIPs and UFOs

When does a WIP (work in progress) become a UFO (unfinished object)? Is there a certain length of time that has to elapse without any knitting activity? Or is there a special corner or cupboard that WIPs go to, to become UFOs?

Gradually, over a few months, I’ve been reviewing my WIPs and UFOs and working out what to do with them. Rip, hibernate, or carry on.

Some decisions are harder than others.

Somewhat surprisingly, only one has gone into temporary hibernation. It’s a small zigzag scarf-cum-cowl made with 2 strands of Lang, bought at last year’s Wonderwool Wales.


The early days of the scarf-cum-cowl

It gets picked up every now and then, and still holds some promise, although I’m not really enjoying the process. It’s about 45 cm long now, so I’ve definitely passed halfway. Maybe it’s timing, so I’ll give it another chance.

This week’s WIP decision involved a raspberry red Wensleydale Longwool 4-ply which is already in its third incarnation. Two fronts, the back and a sleeve … almost finished … so why was it still a WIP? I had invested so much time, but knew I wasn’t happy with it and what use was the yarn if it was stuck in a project bag for months, not seeing the light of day? If I loved it, I would have finished it by now, wouldn’t I?


So near, so far …

Deep breath. Pull that thread and … yes, it’s definitely quicker to unravel than to knit!


Another one bites the dust!

There aren’t many WIPs left now, and it feels good! One more tough decision to face – my two-tone mosaic shawl which seems to be using more wool than anticipated, leaving me concerned that I won’t have enough to finish it.


An early shot of the mosaic progress

I’ll leave that decision to another day – one UFO at a time. And then I’ll have space and a clear conscience to cast on something new! Yay!

Have you ripped out any unloved WIPs or UFOs recently? What made you decide to bite the bullet and rip? I’d love to hear about it!



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12 Responses to WIPs and UFOs

  1. I have ripped out a few UFOs recently. For me it’s all about why it became a UFO. If it’s a mistake or loss of love it’s easy to make the decision but the ones I just passed up but still like are the ones I leave, for now.

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  2. swissrose says:

    Oh the story of my February!!
    Sorry your raspberry yarn still isn’t happy – it’s so pretty ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Would it rather be a cuddly shawl or something? I have frogged many things, some are reincarnated if I really love the wool but if I’m over it I’ll even give the wool away. However, my most recent shawl fail definitely profitted from a reincarnation as a hat and the colours of the wool are much better like this! Now to rectifiy my false starts with my newest yarn – I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a tension problem so either bigger needles and a lace pattern but if I want a garment, it’s got to be on tiny needles… and also, I need to persuade myself that if I want colourwork, it’s fine to mix different wool brands ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Somehow that takes particular courage on my part.

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      Yes, the raspberry wool held so much promise but I’m wondering if it needs to be a couple of smaller items instead. Or knitted double as a chunkier yarn? Or even knitted with another yarn to change the texture and tone down the red? It’s going to hibernate for a while ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck with your new yarn and I know what you mean about colourwork and mixing wool brands ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. catterel says:

    That raspberry is a gorgeous colour. Maybe it would like to be married to a different shade that would enhance it even more? Or flog it to me!

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      I was wondering about knitting two strands together, the raspberry and another yarn …what colour would look nice with it? I might need to experiment! x


      • swissrose says:

        I wonder if a berry tone or even – oooh! – a gradient or variegated yarn would work? Or what about colourwork with a multicoloured yarn, with the raspberry as a base?!

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      • yarnsmithery says:

        Oo, lovely ideas – thanks! Laceweight might give good-value meterage to knit with the red, and a dark berry would tone it down nicely, but a variegated version could look amazing … I’ll explore! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


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