Knitting niche


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this at the bottom of the garden, as a secluded knitting niche?


It’s actually situated in front of  Hanbury Hall, a ‘William and Mary’ style country house near Droitwich in Worcestershire.

Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall



The two little structures stand on either side of the imposing gate like sentries protecting the main house. They are easily overlooked as you enter the grounds, but with their decorative tiles and stained glass windows they are worth closer inspection …


The decorative tiles



One of the two windows


Perfect for a quiet hour with your knitting, don’t you think?

Have you spotted a perfect knitting niche this week? I’d love to hear about it!


P.S. Here’s a short National Trust video showing aerial views of the Hanbury gardens and grounds!


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