Completed Cotton Top

Ta-dah! I’ve finished my Beachcomber cotton top!


Capitalising on the satisfaction of finishing my socks, I was determined to complete another WIP before my motivation disappeared, and this seemed the most likely candidate.

As you can see, it’s a simple T shape, knitted in 2 pieces, back and front identical.

The pattern was from the early 1980s, and my original version back then had been in cream cotton.

I’m not sure that this blue incarnation will live up to rose-tinted memories of the original (designs and shapes have come a long way since then!), but for the cost of just under 6x 50g balls of DK cotton, it’s turned out quite well and will be a comfortable alternative to a t-shirt on slightly cooler days.


Which WIP are you hoping to finish next? Have you got a deadline for it? I’d love to hear all about it – it will help to motivate me to finish off some more of my languishing WIPs!




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8 Responses to Completed Cotton Top

  1. MrsCraft says:

    I’m working on a blanket and would like to finish in two more weeks, then my deadlines for everything else are Christmas ones! I need to make a mermaid tail and a set of frog coasters. 😊


    • yarnsmithery says:

      A blanket is a big commitment and it sounds as though you’ve made good progress on it – that’s inspiring! The mermaid tail and the frog coasters sound amazing too – thanks for sharing your motivation and ideas 🙂

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      • MrsCraft says:

        Thank you, and thanks got sharing yours. I’ve never made anything like a top for myself and don’t think I dare, it would be so disappointing if it didn’t fit.


      • yarnsmithery says:

        Yes, it can seem daunting … but please don’t be deterred! It’s definitely worth having a go! One option might be to start with a pattern that is designed to be fashionably over-sized and loose-fitting, so that the actual fit is less important. Or how about a chunky/bulky cardigan which would grow quickly and can be worn open? Or a waistcoat which wouldn’t involve sleeves? As long as it’s something you like the look of and feel you would wear. For helpful tutorials and some free patterns, I can recommend Tin-Can Knits … I’m thinking of adding this one to my “to make” list … 🙂 Hope this helps and happy knitting! Go for it 🙂

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    • swissrose says:

      I just finished a mermaid tail (6 yr size) last night – phew!! Now I think the male version might be a whale tail instead of “another” jumper from granny ;)) !!! Roll on Christmas…
      Next finished will be the thick and gorgeous Pink Fish mittens by Kate Davies – her Buachaille is luvverly and smells so good! One mitten nearly done, one to go… 🙂

      Elaine, your top is so nice! It’ll look great, hope to see it live in the not too distant future (wea ther permitting!) x

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