These socks have been on the needles for a while. A couple of rows here, another few rows there. Perfect travel knitting.

The wool was from the Appenzell autumn market, and the understated colourway has a subtle pattern that blends the green shades to good effect.


For various reasons, I have felt ‘unsettled’ for a while, which seems to be reflected in the unusually large number of WIPs (works in progress) that I currently have on the go! So it is good to have a completed project to tick off my list and share with you 🙂

Plain socks, using holiday wool, with just a slipped stitch for extra strength on the heel flap. Can’t be beaten!

How are your WIPs looking at the moment? How many projects do you usually have on the go? I’d love to know!



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6 Responses to Socks!

  1. Love these x look fab x i have about 4/5 w.i.p.s of various disiciplines on the go – although i want those finished before bub arrives in jan x

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  2. swissrose says:

    Ooh, way too many – and there are always some that never get finished ;o!! At the moment “active” WIPs – socks(2) , a mermaid’s tail, a jumper and a bag/box full of plans. Plus three things that need blocking and finishing. But I can also think of at least 3 WIPs in the cupboard and a cardigan I want to unravel…

    PS I did finish and block a silk lace shawl yesterday, yay for me!! 😉

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