Knitting notions on display

I seem to spot yarn-related items wherever I go, even in the most unlikely places!

I recently visited Narberth Museum, located in the recently renovated Bonded Stores, a hundred year old building that – in its heyday – would have been a temporary home to hundreds of valuable kegs of duty-free whisky, brandy and rum before they were shipped further afield.

So it was quite a surprise to turn a corner in the museum and see two glass cabinets displaying a range of knitting related items, including some vintage patterns.



A reflection of everyday local life over the years, and a reminder that our knitting notions are not so very different today.

The museum includes a cafe and gift shop, and the building also offers meeting rooms and office space for local businesses.

Well worth a visit!

Where have you seen knitting items on your travels this week? I’d love to hear about it!





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3 Responses to Knitting notions on display

  1. Abby Kershaw says:

    Are they still there or did you shovel it all into your handbag to take home?

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  2. swissrose says:

    Not exciting or exotic or maybe even that surprising, but pleasing to see some wool and equipment for sale in Migros DIY store – there is a craze for crocheting hats and baskets with thick bright yarns, amigurumi and also felting going on, so the materials for that are apparently available in a more commercial setting than is usual for wool these days. However, the quality was mostly acrylic and what wool there was was merino and eye-wateringly expensive 😮 But hey, better than not finding anything anywhere and we left the store with a handful of it… Sometimes I wonder if the (mainly female) population has forgotten their own childhood, where I can guarantee that at least 90% were taught to knit and crochet at school!! People are funny.


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