Beachcomber Cotton

My recent discovery of vintage magazines in my loft set me thinking about some of the patterns I have knitted over the years, and how some were more successful than others!

One of my early favourites, which had lots of wear at the time, was a cream cotton top with a small cap sleeve and a lace panel across the top, front and back. I remember that the cotton was slubbed, and the top was extremely useful, dressed up or down. Sadly, it eventually lost its shape and was consigned to history.

I still have the pattern, stored safely in a folder, although I haven’t ever knitted it again. It’s the small inset photo; a cap sleeve version of the three-quarter sleeve top. Looking back, it’s a wonder I ever made it, as the tiny photo doesn’t show it off very well at all!


The pattern was from the old high-street store Littlewoods, who used to sell wool, once upon a time. I think it must be 1980s? There are 4 patterns in the booklet and I think the Dolman sleeve jumper looks quite modern, with its textured stitch and distinctive sleeve shaping. I’m tempted to give it a go …

But that will have to wait a while, as I spotted some slubbed Sirdar Beachcomber Cotton, the texture of which reminded me of the little cotton top from all those years ago … and I decided to knit the pattern again, this time in blue.


I’ll let you know how I get on!

Have you re-knitted an old pattern? Was it as good as you remembered? Did it become a new favourite? I’d love to hear about it!








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3 Responses to Beachcomber Cotton

  1. swissrose says:

    Gosh yes, I bought wool for my first two “real” jumpers in WH Smith in the precinct, of all places…!! (Why is precinct such an antiquated British word, by the way?!!)
    I don’t think I’ve reknit an old pattern but the 80s patterns are often the shape that is presently fashionable, so I can see you now have a useful blue top 🙂
    However, I might well knit something out of the old Schulana brochure that I just re-bought for nostalgia’s sake, for the new baby, 25 years on… ;o

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      Yes, ‘precinct’ is a word you don’t hear very often these days – love it! One for @catterel to advise us on, do you think? WHSmith’s selection used to be lovely – some higher end wool to aspire to, as well as the everyday fibres (can’t really call it wool!) that our purses could stretch to. There aren’t many 80s fashions I could get away with now, but I’m hoping this top will be a simple classic … I’ll let you know! The baby patterns are more forgiving – can’t wait to see which you choose! 🙂


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