Knitting poems

Today’s unexpected knitting thought came to me by post!


This little book of 10 poems was a lovely surprise gift from a non-knitting friend who clearly knows me well!

The small paperback book has a vintage feel, with a textured card cover on the outside, 20 white pages of classic font on the inside, and the addition of a couple of small pen-and-ink illustrations as decoration, resulting in an uncluttered and easy-to-read publication.

The evocative poem titles include:

  • The Symbolism of Ancient Sweaters
  • The Knitter
  • The Manly Art of Knitting
  • Janet’s
  • The Knitting Song
  • Wool
  • Dropped Stitches
  • Needle Work
  • Neighbours We’ll Not Part Tonight
  • For My Grandmother Knitting

I love that the poets have captured a snapshot of their relationship with knitting, and shared it with their audience – so many different stories, styles and experiences, yet all thought-provoking and linked by yarn.

Have you come across any poetry about knitting? Or have your written any yourself? I’d love to hear all about it!











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2 Responses to Knitting poems

  1. swissrose says:

    Oh wow, how cool is that?! Love the aesthetic and though I’m not really a poetry-lover, no doubt could appreciate the wordplay in these 🙂


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