My local yarn shop

For a couple of years now, the family-run yarn shop in my local town has been threatened with demolition, as developers were determined to buy the row of shops and neighbouring buildings. The future of the small businesses seemed bleak.

Imagine my delight when I recently discovered that there has been a reprieve! The developers have pulled out and the businesses – including the lovely wool shop – can stay!

Let me introduce you to Woolwise Creations, based about 200 metres from the Weavers Wharf car park in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.


(This photo is just one corner of the shop!)

In addition to a huge range of yarn in all colours and gauges, they stock an amazing selection of buttons to add the finishing touch to your project. You’ll also find patterns, ribbons, knitting needles, crochet hooks, accessories such as knitting bags, and individual finished items for sale. There is a regular knit-and-natter group, and they can even arrange to knit your chosen item for you, if you can’t make it yourself.

With helpful and friendly service, Woolwise Creations is definitely worth a visit. And if you aren’t able to visit in person, they also offer an on-line service.

So please share the good news and support Woolwise as they rebuild their future. Let’s keep our bricks-and-mortar yarn stores in business!

Has your local yarn shop survived the threat of closure? What was their story? I’d love to hear about it!









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5 Responses to My local yarn shop

  1. Commuter Knits says:

    For years I worked in a craft shop in Winchester, UK. Even though the arts and crafts scene in the local area is phenomenal competition from the internet where people could buy something “so much cheaper” was consistently threatening our business. Despite that though, it was still the best job I ever had and if I could have bought the place myself I would have done it in a heartbeat.

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      Yes, there are definitely pros and cons about the internet. I love shopping local because nothing beats being able to touch the yarn, feel the texture, and see the true colours. I’ll add Winchester onto my ‘must visit’ list! Thanks for commenting and happy crafting! 🙂


  2. swissrose says:

    I was glad our LYS didn’t close and was taken over by a lady who has a more modern sense of style, as the shop now looks a lot better. She is struggling, though, as the mostly older customers still tend to want the “classic” ranges (acrylic :o) and the customers who come in for the trends (myboshi crocheted hats…) are usually limited to just those trends. I try to support her and buy a sweater’s worth now and again if I’m looking for a plainer type of wool but she doesn’t always have that, either, since wool has its own trends and if fantasy yarns are “in”, that is what she is forced to stock… Also, I’ve heard that the reps are very insistant and so the shops sometimes get stuck with things they know won’t sell and so make a loss. It’s a very difficult business, so although the idea of working in a LYS is appealing, in practice, I don’t think it would actually be all that enjoyable 😦 Glad they stick it out, though!!

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      Yes, the realities must be difficult for the LYS owners – such varied customer tastes and the fickleness of fashion. Plus competition from the internet of course. But nothing beats the sight and touch (and sometimes smell!) of yarn in a proper wool shop, eh? 😀


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