The Hitchhiker Yarns

Last week I shared the Hitchhiker shawlettes with you …

For those who want to know the yarn details, I’ll fill you in!

This one is in “Opal Gallery”:-


This one is in “Opal Paradise”:-


and this one is in “Opal Sweet and Spicy 2”:-


The yarn is self-patterning, and although it is marketed as sock wool, it is soft enough for these little shawls when knitted at a loose gauge (I used 4 mm needles). Each shawlette takes one 100g ball, and I bought all 3 skeins at Jane’s of Fishguard. More knitted memories!

Which of these colourways would you choose? I’d love to know!




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10 Responses to The Hitchhiker Yarns

  1. northmelbournemum says:

    All so gorgeous – maybe the last one is a smidgin ahead for me


  2. I love all 3. But the 3rd is my fav by a pinch. Beautiful!


  3. catterel says:

    I’m fascinated by these self-patterning wools – does that also work with crochet? Why is this called hitchhiker?


    • yarnsmithery says:

      Yes, I’m sure it would work equally well with crochet (albeit a different patterning effect) … If you’d like me to acquire a ball and hook for you to try, please just let me know 🙂 And yes, as Swissrose suspected, there is a story to the Hitchhiker name – the 42 ‘points’ on the shawlette are a clue leading to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! The designer has other patterns in the collection – I’m debating whether to try Lintilla or Magrathea next … Here’s a link to the designer’s Ravelry page where she explains it all 🙂


  4. swissrose says:

    All three are lovely – I think no. 1 wins this time, though normally I would have thought no. 3! Ah well. Yesterday I bought a ball of yarn in Stein-am-Rhein, where I also have specific memories of a particular yarn (Lang’s Carpe Diem) that I have always found there and nowhere else – and they still carry it 😉 – from which I made 4 Rose Red hats.
    @catterel I wondered that, too, the designer is German, so no particular logic as far as I can see, unless she knit it while hitchhiking?!! Maybe there’s a story! And I imagine the yarns should work in crochet, too.


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