Knitted memories

When I look at this finished shawl, I see more than the asymmetric shape, the rich colour and the varied texture.


(Big thanks go to my lovely niece for modelling for me!)

What else do I see?

I see the inspiring colours and displays of the Sheep Shop in Cambridge, where I bought the Sparkleduck yarn. By association, I also remember the fascinating  history and scenery encountered around Cambridge, and the sight-seeing bus that helped us get around during our holiday there.


I also see the beautiful Northumberland locations which were the backdrop to my knitting a few weeks ago. Lots of trips, lots of tea breaks and lots of knitting opportunities in fabulous places.


This skein of yarn has travelled with me across the country, and has captured inspiring and uplifting moments within its stitches.

And now it will continue its travels as I wear it through the cooler weather, remembering those holiday moments and gathering more memories as we go.

Adventures here we come!

Do you have accessories that contain memories within their stitches? I’d love to hear all about them!









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4 Responses to Knitted memories

  1. catterel says:

    Lovely – people who don’t make things themselves don’t know what pleasures they are missing!

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