Wednesday WIP – Second Chance Saloon

Remember this?


Rescued from its previous incarnation, this yarn is rising from the ashes!


Its new destiny is Akoya by Carol Feller … a neat design, with enough pattern detail to be interesting, without being too complicated. (The safety pins are my makeshift stitch markers, to help place the cable pattern.)

I’m still knitting the pre-used wool, which makes me realise exactly how far I had got with the original design before it bit the dust 😉  The Debbie Bliss merino 4ply has responded well to being unravelled and re-knitted – no pilling or splitting to speak of, which is a good sign, and I’m pleased with progress so far.

I’ll keep you posted!

Have you rescued and re-knitted any yarn recently? Was it successful? I’d love to hear about it!



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9 Responses to Wednesday WIP – Second Chance Saloon

  1. swissrose says:

    What a pretty and unusual pattern – I hadn’t seen this one (though I did follow the designer for ages). I think it will be lovely and will suit you, too! Just the right amount of detail 🙂
    Ages since I reknit something, really, too much stash sitting there tempting me… but not feeling very inspired just now :o.

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  2. catterel says:

    That looks very pretty, and very YOU. Looking forward to seeing the finished garment.

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  3. Freda says:

    You brought back memories of a lot of unravelling which went on (I held the skein of wool between my hands while my Gran rolled it super-efficiently into balls). Outgrown jumpers were regularly reknitted. What a beautiful knitter you are!

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  4. Alison Moore says:

    Hi mate I’ve found you 😊 I remember doing this with my mom and gran. Happy memories.. Thank you for my card I’m in the process of trying to find time to do mine xxx

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      Yay! Hello! Please don’t worry about a card … It’s lovely to have a message from you on here and I’m glad you found me 🙂 Do you knit or craft these days? I know I knitted while at school, but I never imagined I’d still be addicted all these years later. Thanks for commenting and please keep me posted! xx


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