Casting on another WIP

This wasn’t meant to happen … I’ve cast on another project before finishing one off 😉


This was my holiday knitting, accompanying me on my travels around Northumberland. It is the Wheal Shawl pattern by Anniken Allis and the yarn is Spirit by Sparkleduck in the Skyfire colourway. This photo was taken on Holy Island, looking towards Lindisfarne Castle, an imposing National Trust property, reached by foot from the village.

The island itself is connected to the mainland by a causeway which is completely submerged at various times of the day – access varies depending on the tides! A breathtaking view and an incredible experience.


If you get chance to visit Lindisfarne, I can certainly recommend it!

Do you take your knitting with you on holiday? I’d love to hear about it!



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6 Responses to Casting on another WIP

  1. catterel says:

    What a mouthwatering colour – it will make you feel warm jut looking at it on a cold winter evening 🙂

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  2. swissrose says:

    That is a very pretty pattern, a sort of lacy Hitchhiker!
    Just fallen for the one that Yarn Harlot has done, Winterlong, and discovered a “new” designer, Bristol Ivy – I like the geometry 😉
    BUT… I WILL NOT CAST ON!!!! Yet.

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  3. Jane Langridge says:

    I am in end of year finishing mode. It will never last. X

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