More yarn temptation

Do I have enough projects on the go? Errrm, yes.

Do I have enough yarn in my stash? Errrm, yes.

Do I like to support small yarn businesses? Yes!

So I was very happy to visit and support Whistlebare on my recent holiday in Northumberland, coming away with 5x 100g skeins of beautiful Yeavering Bell DK, a blend of fine kid mohair and Wensleydale wool.


With so many gorgeous colours to choose from, it may seem a little surprising that I opted for a silver-grey called Minnow – I wanted a classic colourway that would last many seasons, and do justice to Whistlebare’s pretty cockleshell-stitch cardigan pattern that caught my eye.


So watch this space for signs of casting on … when I’ve completed a few of my existing projects!

Have you been tempted by yarn lately? I’d love to know!



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6 Responses to More yarn temptation

  1. swissrose says:

    Temptation – wool stands at events (2) and wool shops (here, England, Paris, Brittany…), gifts and not least, when my favourite online source has irresistible offers – it’s everywhere. Now I need to get blinkers on, finish some WIPs, get into Christmas projects (oh yes!) and make plans for the big basket of special yarns that has accumulated, looking pretty, each skein better than the last, well no, all pretty amazing for one reason or another. The stash of bigger quantities will just have to wait, not that I don’t have ideas for it…

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  2. catterel says:

    How on earth did you resist the temptation to buy up the entire stock??? Looks gorgeous.

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  3. Verónica says:

    Mmm, great color choice!

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