I love this design …


Pretty amazing for a public car park, don’t you think? Fabulous in so many ways.

And with its neat rows of  textured crosses, it provided me with my unexpected knitting thought of the day 🙂

I love it!

How about you? What has made you think of knitting or crochet today? I’d love to know!


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Sharing my love of yarny craft and encouraging others to give it a go!
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6 Responses to Crossroads?

  1. swissrose says:

    Now that really is an unusual one – I can’t see any “seams” in the hard surface, so how is it made, I wonder?! Some kind of matting? Very clever!

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  2. Laura says:

    That is fascinating.

    I just started a knitting blog. Hope to see you there 🙂


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