Paper twiddling

If you’re ever in a long meeting with me, I should apologise now because I may annoy you with my paper twiddling. You know those remnants left in the notebook wire after you’ve torn out a page?

It helps my concentration. It may ruin yours. Sorry.


At least my habit is quiet. I know I get terribly distracted by people who constantly click their pens on and off in meetings, and I do sympathise, really I do. My hands want to be active and productive, even if my brain is required for other things.

That was what led me to today’s unexpected knitting thought …

I’ve realised the paper twiddling is a substitute for yarn – my hands are used to knitting, even when I’m listening/watching/talking! Just think how many vanilla socks I’d be able to produce every year if I could knit in all the meetings I attend 🙂

What’s your meeting habit? Have you been able to knit in meetings? I’d love to know!


About yarnsmithery

Sharing my love of yarny craft and encouraging others to give it a go!
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