Cycles and Waves

An odd title perhaps. Cycles and waves. I don’t mean the cycles that have pedals and the waves that become surf – although I do like both of those things! 


(This is the wonderful Pembrokeshire coastline, with surf, photographed on a recent holiday)

It recently occurred to me that my knitting project choices seem to go in cycles. Coming back to a familiar and much loved pattern or style can be a comforting and welcome feeling. 

It can be a simple cardigan shape that I know will work every time. Or I notice that my attention is caught by stripes or flowers … again and again. Or every project I’m working on (or want to work on) just happens to be mittens or the colour blue. There’s a repetition on some level. 

And sometimes the choices go in waves, subtle or dramatic, moving forward, adding new elements to echoes of previous projects but never quite repeating themselves. These choices take me to a new knitting place and that can be very welcome too. 

I might see a different sleeve shape that I want to try. A special yarn, an interesting workshop, or a new technique. Those are the waves, taking me forward. 

Are there any patterns that reflect your knitting choices? Have you noticed any cycles or waves? I’d love to hear about them!


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2 Responses to Cycles and Waves

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, I love the image of waves taking you forward. I am starting to use the same two or three yarns that I love for different projects so that is probably my circles 🙂

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