A tall tale (tail?)

Having offered to sew up a cardigan for a friend, I realised how we take for granted some of the small tips and tricks that we develop over the years and utilise in our own crafting.

One of my own habits is to leave quite a long tail of yarn when I start my casting on, as I find this useful when it comes to sewing up the project later on.


How about you? Do you have any tips or tricks that you take for granted? I’d love to know!


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Sharing my love of yarny craft and encouraging others to give it a go!
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4 Responses to A tall tale (tail?)

  1. Talya says:

    After my last blanket, I have started weaving in my ends. Usually not the cast on tail, but every color change or ball change- I’ll weave them in as I go. It makes it easier when I’m finishing (because I hate finishing).

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    • yarnsmithery says:

      That’s a great tip, Talya – although I do weave in the ends for intarsia work, I don’t ever think of doing it for wool joins at the edges. I don’t know why! It would definitely help the finishing process and I’m going to give it a go! Thanks for sharing your tip 🙂

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  2. Laura says:

    My tip is when you have two yarns with different dye lots, you can twist them together to see if the colors match.


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