Parquet potential

This parquet flooring is dusty, dented and taken for granted. Just think of all the stories it could tell!


Its home is a community hall attached to a church in Harborne, Birmingham, and it is used by various groups including scouts, brownies, rainbows and – my reason for visiting – a couple of keep-fit classes.

While I’m jumping up and down doing ‘jacks’ or dancing my way across the hall doing ‘grapevines’ to energetic (frenetic?) rhythms, you’d think that knitting couldn’t be further from my mind.

The regular herringbone pattern of this classic parquet floor, and the warm, muted tones of the wood speak to me of potential knitting projects. A throw, a shawl or a cushion to maximise the effect of the angular repetition? Or texture using different stitches or entrelac? Different colour combinations?

Knitting inspiration is everywhere – in this case, an exercise class can be a workout for the mind as well as the body!

Based on the parquet, what would you knit?


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2 Responses to Parquet potential

  1. swissrose says:

    Purlbee’s herringbone cowl?! 😉 x


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