This week’s Wednesday WIP*

(* WIP = work in progress)

So close, and yet so far!

The knitting is almost complete; the finishing line is in sight for my latest project.

The pattern is Olivette by Sandi Rosner, available via Ravelry (, and the yarn is Drops Lima, a soft alpaca/wool mix in a rich petrol blue, with a subtle strand of green running through it.


This is a stage I often struggle with – it feels as though I need to allocate a block of time to do it properly, and because of that, the finishing gets delayed. But I like the idea that the cardigan will soon be ready to wear. I also love the prospect of creating space in my project bag for … a new project! What an incentive!

Block the pieces, sew the seams, pick up and knit the neck, and add the buttons … Do you like this stage or do you find you put it off?

Dig deep – we can do it!



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3 Responses to This week’s Wednesday WIP*

  1. swissrose says:

    Ah me, I’m impatient…


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